“I am grateful to have met John Kenny in June 2012 after the Philly Tri. He has helped me progress in the sport of triathlon to a point I didn’t know was possible in such a short time. Before meeting John, I had just gone to the swimming pool swam a few laps and called it a day, thinking that’s what swim workout was. I was introduced to John after my 2nd Olympic triathlon where my 1.5k swim time was hovering around 27-29 minutes. With hopes of going pro, John worked with me and pushed me beyond my limits and in a short time for my last race, the AC Tri in September; I swam a 23 minute 1 mile swim. In 3 months John coached me and got me to drop my swim time by 4 minutes. With the 2013 race season on the horizon I’m excited to continue to work with John and to see the times I will produce as I chase my dream of becoming the first African American pro triathlete. (Note: In late 2014, Max achieved his goal! He has become the first African American male, Pro Triathlete. Congratulations, Max!) MAXFENNELL.NET