“I started swimming two years ago with no prior experience in hopes to participate in my first triathlon. After a few months of swimming on my own, I was able to complete my first triathlon with a 500 yard swim of 13:56. At the end of my first season, I realized I had not improved on my swim times and continued to get fatigued after such a short swim. Beginning my second season, I started looking for other options and that’s when I found John Kenny’s swim practice. I started my second season of triathlons and after a few short months of working with John I dropped my 500 yard swim time by more than 4 minutes. Currently I have been swimming with John for almost a year and I recently had a new personal record in the 500 yard swim of 7:38, more importantly I can now swim over 3500 yards in one practice. The practices are always different incorporating a variety of stroke and technique as well pushing your aerobic thresholds. As a result of swimming with John I have built the confidence to sign up for longer distance races including the completion of my first Olympic Triathlon (placed 4th in division) and am looking forward to continue my training with him to finish my first half-iron man this spring.”