Lin M.

“Very supportive and inclusive group. Thanks to John, I am swimming faster, longer, and having more fun at age 62 than ever. Now building back into a derailed cycling addiction knowing that FCR has my back!  Love that John keeps us “in the game” year round.”

Stacey M.

“The French Creek Olympic was a SUPER race. Well organized, fun, hard course great for early season racing!! Well DONE!”

Charles B.

“Old school, local, friendly and working hard to make your experience challenging and fun.”

Don M.

“Great events! Great event organization. Challenging courses.”

Andy R.

“Very very unique and fun events. Can’t wait for May!”

Taylor D.

“Did the last swim of the series and it was an awesome experience! Well run event, friendly people, great time had by all. Looking forward to next season”

Michael S.

“First experience racing with these guys, and it was great. Super friendly and very helpful. It’s like a family atmosphere. Questions are answered relatively quickly. I really enjoyed racing with them. Can’t wait to race with them again.”

D Lee I.

“Amazing opportunity to swim train 7 days a week OUTDOORS in winter in 80° heated pool instructed by Tri/Swim Coach John Kenny. Thanks FCR!”

Shray K.

“So before i joined (your group), I was skeptical as well. Coming from a non swimming background, and all of a sudden you’re in a master’s group where everyone has swim toys such a buoys, paddled etc , it’s a little intimidating. But nevertheless you have to take that leap of faith and join a…

Shawn W.

“I started swimming two years ago with no prior experience in hopes to participate in my first triathlon. After a few months of swimming on my own, I was able to complete my first triathlon with a 500 yard swim of 13:56. At the end of my first season, I realized I had not improved…

Mike B.

“I am veteran when it comes to attending John’s Swim Clinics. I must say I’ve been to several other pricier clinics in the past and this by far is where I have learned the most. One of the great advantages their clinic offers over the competition is the individual attention John will devote to each…

Peg P.

“John Kenny, I really loved this workout. I was apprehensive in coming, but as you said you know your swimmers and adjust the drills accordingly. I didn’t think I would be able to make it more than an hour but the hour and a half really flew by. Can’t wait to do it again. You…

Rhonda C.

“I attended John Kenny’s triathlon training camp prior to my participation in Ironman Florida. I am an Athena athlete (plus size) so I’m not breaking any records to say the least. John’s camp gave me complete confidence to swim that 2.4 miles and also to swim in the ocean. He worked with me individually on…

Alex C.

“At age 31, I started attending swim practices coached by John Kenny at the Upper Merion Middle School and Upper Merion Township Swimming Pool in March and June of 2012, respectively. My level of athletic activity at the time was minimal and consisted of lifting weights 3 to 4 times per week. My swimming background…

Allie S.

“I was a swimmer through my childhood and high school, but hadn’t been swimming in 10 years when I was diagnosed with Pericarditis. My doctors told to take my fitness seriously to aid in my recovery, so I began swimming again. I met John Kenny four months later, and he suggested I swim with his…

Max F.

“I am grateful to have met John Kenny in June 2012 after the Philly Tri. He has helped me progress in the sport of triathlon to a point I didn’t know was possible in such a short time. Before meeting John, I had just gone to the swimming pool swam a few laps and called…

Diane M.

“Awesome swim video consult w John Kenny! Unvarnished truth about both strengths and weaknesses — and good practical advice on how to correct the weak areas. John has such a calm, matter of fact way of presenting things that even if you discover you’re not swimming with all the grace of an Olympian (not that…