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Awesome swim video consult w John Kenny! Unvarnished truth about both strengths and weaknesses — and good practical advice on how to correct the weak areas. John has such a calm, matter of fact way of presenting things that even if you discover you’re not swimming with all the grace of an Olympian (not that I had any such illusion but a person can daydream, ha!), you walk away feeling not discouraged but armed with useful info to help you take the steps needed to be your own best and a sense that it can be done if you work at it. Knowing I did improve in some areas provides hope that I’ll keep improving!



I am grateful to have met John Kenny in June 2012 after the Philly Tri. He has helped me progress in the sport of triathlon to a point I didn’t know was possible in such a short time. Before meeting John, I had just gone to the swimming pool swam a few laps and called it a day, thinking that’s what swim workout was. I was introduced to John after my 2nd Olympic triathlon where my 1.5k swim time was hovering around 27-29 minutes. With hopes of going pro, John worked with me and pushed me beyond my limits and in a short time for my last race, the AC Tri in September; I swam a 23 minute 1 mile swim. In 3 months John coached me and got me to drop my swim time by 4 minutes. With the 2013 race season on the horizon I’m excited to continue to work with John and to see the times I will produce as I chase my dream of becoming the first African American pro triathlete. (Note: In late 2014, Max achieved his goal! He has become the first African American male, Pro Triathlete. Congratulations, Max!) MAXFENNELL.NET



I was a swimmer through my childhood and high school, but hadn’t been swimming in 10 years when I was diagnosed with Pericarditis. My doctors told to take my fitness seriously to aid in my recovery, so I began swimming again. I met John Kenny four months later, and he suggested I swim with his team since he’s closer to my home. I decided to give him a try, and I’m so glad I did, the transformation I see in myself is incredible. I told him about my condition, and he gave me the calm, level-headed, individual attention to get me through the tough practices. He knew how to push me through it, to increase my endurance, fitness, and strength. My times have dropped dramatically under his nuanced coaching, and I even began training and racing in open water for the first time ever! I thought I knew how to do things correctly before, but John gave me technical instruction to improve my stroke, and efficiency. He makes things understandable: from getting in the water and demonstrating things (like the best way to swim around a buoy in open water), to reminding me from the pool deck if my form starts to fail when I get tired.

I began running as well, and John gave me invaluable help with that too. He’s always willing to take the time to discuss any questions I may have. His knowledge base is expansive, and he continues to learn and grow with up to date techniques and topics to relay back to his team. He kept saying all I need to do is get a bike, and I did! I’m aiming to complete my first sprint triathlon this year, and I wouldn’t have been able to do any of this without John’s coaching and encouragement. I see him motivate the other team members in the same way he’s motivated me, and I’ll definitely recommend him to any athlete looking to improve, have fun, and join a great team!



At age 31, I started attending swim practices coached by John Kenny at the Upper Merion Middle School and Upper Merion Township Swimming Pool in March and June of 2012, respectively. My level of athletic activity at the time was minimal and consisted of lifting weights 3 to 4 times per week. My swimming background consisted of swimming from age 11 to 18, including summer swim league, USS swim team, and high school swimming, but not having swum in 13 years I was severely out of shape. It was difficult for me to get through more than 1,000 yards during my first few practices, my stroke had flaws, and my speed was lacking. However, under John’s coaching, I have progressed dramatically. During a USMS swim meet held in November 2012, my times were almost as fast as when I was 18 years old. Additionally, completing practices of 4,000 plus yards with greater and greater speed is my current level of performance. As of December 2012, I am having my best workouts to date. I could not have achieved such progress without John’s help. His workouts are challenging, but achievable. Every workout is different; alternating between short distance speed-based workouts to longer distance endurance-building workouts. He is an effective motivator and has an impressive ability to understand everyone’s progress and their current abilities. I look forward to continuing to work with John.



I attended John Kenny’s triathlon training camp prior to my participation in Ironman Florida. I am an Athena athlete (plus size) so I’m not breaking any records to say the least. John’s camp gave me complete confidence to swim that 2.4 miles and also to swim in the ocean. He worked with me individually on my stroke so I got more “bang for my buck”. We took a nice, long bike ride followed by a run and another bike ride on the last day. I felt completely ready to get to the starting line. It was challenging, yet fun as well. I highly recommend John’s triathlon camps as well as his terrific and unique coaching style.



I am veteran when it comes to attending John’s Swim Clinics. I must say I’ve been to several other pricier clinics in the past and this by far is where I have learned the most. One of the great advantages their clinic offers over the competition is the individual attention John will devote to each person. I’ve been to several other larger clinics where I felt I was just a number and lost in the crowd. The clinics I have attended to date have never had more than 7 people. I would strongly recommend attending at least one in the near future to help with improving the basic mechanics of your swim, ride, and run. You won’t regret it.



I started swimming two years ago with no prior experience in hopes to participate in my first triathlon. After a few months of swimming on my own, I was able to complete my first triathlon with a 500 yard swim of 13:56. At the end of my first season, I realized I had not improved on my swim times and continued to get fatigued after such a short swim. Beginning my second season, I started looking for other options and that’s when I found John Kenny’s swim practice. I started my second season of triathlons and after a few short months of working with John I dropped my 500 yard swim time by more than 4 minutes. Currently I have been swimming with John for almost a year and I recently had a new personal record in the 500 yard swim of 7:38, more importantly I can now swim over 3500 yards in one practice. The practices are always different incorporating a variety of stroke and technique as well pushing your aerobic thresholds. As a result of swimming with John I have built the confidence to sign up for longer distance races including the completion of my first Olympic Triathlon (placed 4th in division) and am looking forward to continue my training with him to finish my first half-iron man this spring.



John Kenny, I really loved this workout. I was apprehensive in coming, but as you said you know your swimmers and adjust the drills accordingly. I didn’t think I would be able to make it more than an hour but the hour and a half really flew by. Can’t wait to do it again. You are going to make me a much better and efficient swimmer. Thank you.



So before i joined (your group), I was skeptical as well. Coming from a non swimming background, and all of a sudden you’re in a master’s group where everyone has swim toys such a buoys, paddled etc , it’s a little intimidating. But nevertheless you have to take that leap of faith and join a group. If nothing (else), it brings out the competitive side in you.

Shray K.


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