“At age 31, I started attending swim practices coached by John Kenny at the Upper Merion Middle School and Upper Merion Township Swimming Pool in March and June of 2012, respectively. My level of athletic activity at the time was minimal and consisted of lifting weights 3 to 4 times per week. My swimming background consisted of swimming from age 11 to 18, including summer swim league, USS swim team, and high school swimming, but not having swum in 13 years I was severely out of shape. It was difficult for me to get through more than 1,000 yards during my first few practices, my stroke had flaws, and my speed was lacking. However, under John’s coaching, I have progressed dramatically. During a USMS swim meet held in November 2012, my times were almost as fast as when I was 18 years old. Additionally, completing practices of 4,000 plus yards with greater and greater speed is my current level of performance. As of December 2012, I am having my best workouts to date. I could not have achieved such progress without John’s help. His workouts are challenging, but achievable. Every workout is different; alternating between short distance speed-based workouts to longer distance endurance-building workouts. He is an effective motivator and has an impressive ability to understand everyone’s progress and their current abilities. I look forward to continuing to work with John.”